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"I never even considered hypnotherapy until my doctor suggested it to me. I would recommend it to everyone"

An estimated 275 million people worldwide suffer from anxiety disorders, or around 4% of the global population. Anxiety presents differently from person to person but symptoms can include; nervousness, worry, fear, dread, insomnia, sweating, tiredness, emotional swing, poor concentration, restlessness and irritability. Anxiety disorders can make it difficult to manage with day to day living but hypnotherapy can help reduce and manage levels of anxiety helping you to live your life exactly how you want to

"I can never thank Paul enough for how he has helped me manage and control my anxiety"
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Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias are produced by internal anxieties that we associate with a particular situation. Whether it’s heights, needles, enclosed spaces or spiders. Some fears and phobias appear to serve a purpose whilst others seem completely irrational. During the hypnotherapy session Wymondham hypnotherapy will work with the client to evaluate both the impact and severity of the fear or phobia and using a combination of hypnotherapy techniques support the client in reducing their phobic response to the initial trigger allowing them to remain calm and in complete control.

"Paul works wonders! He always tells me that my success is down to me but without him I know I wouldn't have moved forward"
Confidence and Self-Esteem

Whether it’s due to your inner critic or an external factor causing you to think negatively or doubt yourself Wymondham Hypnotherapy will work with you to identify the possible cause for lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Using hypnotherapy we will help you to eliminate negative thoughts restoring belief, improving self-image, increasing motivation and determination, improving your levels of confidence in all areas of life whether it’s in your personal life or work life.

"I have regular sessions to help me cope with ongoing health issues, sleep issues and general relaxation. Paul has a very soothing and calming voice. I feel like I'm walking on air each time I come out and the wonderful relaxed feeling stays with me. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!"